Call for free with SIP phones

It is easy to call for free with a SIP phone, either a real table phone or with a phone application. This web site gives information about how to set up a sip phone system.

A hardware phone gives the best user experience, but it might be easy to use an app for a smartphone, since no extra hardware needs to be bought. An app can also be used to test the desk phone, without having physical access to a second SIP phone.

The main objective with this site is to describe real SIP phones, without needing to use the old phone network. SIP addresses does not look like a traditional phone number, they look lika an email address instead. A SIP address might look like this for example:

It is possible to call the old phone network with SIP, but that require a service that cost money, which is different from genuine SIP telephony which might be used free of charge.

When a hardware phone is bought, you need to pay attention to if the phone is locked in any way so genuine SIP telephony can not be used. This web site gives information about which SIP phones work best, and how they are configured.

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