Other hardware phones

There are many manufacturers of SIP phones, so there are many devices to choose between. But for SIP phones you have to be careful that the phone is not locked in any way, or that they have a good quality. Here are a few devices we have had problems with, and therefore might be avoided.

Atcom A10W

The phone Atcom A10W has not worked for us in our tests, we have not been able to call out. When trying to call out, this has been giving the error code 408. If someone has better luck with this phone, please report to us.

Fanvil X3S

The phone Fanvil X3S has mostly been working, and does also have a large and beatiful color screen. But is lacks a sense of software quality compared to other phones. We do not directly advice against the phone, but there are other phones we recommend as better than Fanvil X3S.

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