Yealink W60P

Yealink W60P is a feature-rich wireless SIP phone with one base station, and up to 8 handsets. It works very well with the SIP providers we have tested. The base station is called W60B, and the handsets W56H. When buying W60P, this is a package that includes one base station and one handset. Extra handsets can then be added.

The phone has a restriction in the GUI when adding SIP addresses, but this restriction is easy to bypass, and we document how to do below.

It is configured by using web browser and the base station IP address. The base station is using DHCP by default, so when using DHCP (this is the most common) the only thing needed is to connect an ethernet cable to the base station, which will automatically get an IP address. In order to know the IP address, the menu choice Status->base can be used on the handset. This will show the base station IP address. The default login is as follows:

  • User: admin
  • Password: admin

The configuration for the account that is used is done in the tab "Account". The phone supports up to eight separate lines that may be configured independent of each other. In the picture below the configuration for the provider is shown.

Here the account has been configured using TLS. Other alternatives are UDP och TCP. For there is normally no need for specific client settings in order to make it possible for other clients to know which public IP address this phone has. But for other sip providers other setting might be needed, for example for NAT.

Editing contacts

The handset W56H is restricted so it is not possible to enter a sip address using the GUI. And it is also not possible to directly enter sip addresses using the web interface. But the restriction is easy to bypass, by exporting the phone book as an XML file (or CSV file) to a computer, then editing the XML file on the computer, and finally upload the modified XML file to the base station. See picture:

First you enter some new contacts in the phone book, but with random digit numbers instead of sip addresses By doing like this it is possible to see how the file should look like. Next, "export" should be choosen, in order to download the XML file to the computer. After that, the file should be edited by substituting the "phone numbers" that was entered with the real sip addresses. Finally the modified XML file should be imported using the menu choice "import".

This works very well, and is quickly done, quicker than it should be to enter the sip addresses using the handset. It is now possible to call SIP addresses by choosing contancts in the phone book.

Answer machine

Configuration of the answer machine is done using MWI (Message Waiting Indicator). See picture:

It should also be possible to configure the number to the answer machine. But for we have not been able to set this up so it works with Yealink 60P. It is however possible to get an email with the message so it is possible to listen to it. For the address to the answer machine is

Base station and one handset can be bought for about 120 USD, for example here:

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